Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rainbow Colours

A wonderfully entertaining Christmas gift is the glass optical spectrum prism. It is very reasonably priced and can give children and adults alike much pleasure in exploring the mysteries of light and darkness and colour filtered through a glass prism.

Find the right angle to hold it and look everywhere, on all objects you see in front of you and around you.

You will see the three 'warm' colours: red, orange and yellow,and you will see the 'cool' colours: turquoise, blue and purple at the other end. When you move the prism slightly, you will see the colours merging closer to each other and there appears the colour green where blue and yellow meet.

Play with it, explore to see that where darkness (matter) comes into the light the 'warm' colours appear (compare with the setting sun). You will also discover that where light shines into darkness, the 'cool' colours appear (compare to light shining into orbit or under water in the deep oceanic world).

Have fun, and let me know how it goes