Monday, February 22, 2016

There are many of you who suffer these day from anxiety and find that pharmaceuticals do not help you as time goes by. As many of you have adopted the general belief that you are of less worth because of this anxiety it even increases more. Let me tell you: most of you that suffer from anxiety are spiritually highly evolved persons and simply have a hard time dealing with your environment, which functions most of the time on a much lower vibration then you do. You as a sensitive, empathic and highly evolved and talented person do sense so much!. That is why you are anxious. Doing artistic exercises e.g. painting, drawing and clay modelling with me can help you tremendously as I help you to strengthen your SELF; your sense of who you are, your self worth and self love. You will learn to develop awareness of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. As a matter of breathing we have an inner world and outer. You will learn and practice your inner sense of self and your interaction with your environment. Give me a call, I am registered and your benefit plan may cover the costs. Namaste

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Reiki Level 2 explanation

Level 2 training is a 2 day workshop where you will learn about Reiki symbols, what it is, what they do and its uses.  In this workshop you will receive your attunement (initiation) to Reiki level 2. Once you receive this attunement the symbols allowing for an increased flow of energy through your body.  You will be guided through a self treatment as well as an hour long practice session on another person.

In the first part you will receive the symbols which are then to be memorized and you will draw them in the second part. You will then receive the attunement and will practice reiki with the use of symbols on each other. 

Reiki is foremost a self practice; one to maintain your own good health and / or to help with whatever issues you may have. Using Reiki symbols on yourself is an important and essential step and it is only through self practice that prepares you to be a better Reiki practitioner for others. Unfortunately this concept is often not stressed strongly enough.  "Healer, heal Thyself" is age old sage advice! By treating yourself before treating others you open yourself to be a clearer and more open Reiki channel, you put yourself into a mind-set that's more likely to receive intuitive information and you set the intention to honour yourself. It is a most wonderful self journey affecting you in ways that you can't ever imagine.

I have compiled a booklet which will be a useful reference for you while you learn and practice Reiki. 

The fee is $289.00 for the Level 2 training plus $11.00 for the cost of printing and binding the booklet. I do not do visa or master card and prefer cash.

After you have become attuned to Reiki level 2 it is required you do self practice each day for 21 days. Use all three symbols for each position for those 21 days. This will help to learn and intuit the symbols!