Wednesday, August 21, 2013

proudly presenting ......

I am excited to be one of the visual artist exhibiting my paintings.
It is an honor to be chosen amongst these great artists. I f you are in the area, come stop by for a chat:)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

some thoughts on Reiki

It has come to my attention over the course of my practice that increasingly people  are associating reiki with psychic readings/ intuitive and mediumship messages. The question from clients comes up more and more frequently after a reiki treatment: "did you get anything?" Also students wishing attunement, more often than not come in with the assumption that reiki and intuitive readings are coming in one package.

It has been my training and experience that one should separate the healing work of reiki and psychic/mediumship work. Indeed, a master practitioner may have increased awareness of the spiritual realm through the attunement of the master level. However I have noticed in many of my students and at various reiki shares that when they open up to receive intuitive messages for their client while giving a reiki treatment they often take on much of the physical/mental/spiritual issues of their client. Makes sense to me: if you as a practitioner open up to receive energies from the client which may give you a nice  intuitive reading, you open up to a whole lot more than what originally reiki is intended for. Also here is the door for the ego to come in for self serving purposes of practicing and developing intuitive reading skills, which can very well stand in the way of the reiki healing energy to flow. The intention of reiki is transmitting healing energy, not psychic readings..
I have noticed while receiving reiki from such practitioners that most of the times they do not lay their hands on the person, and move their hands all over the place without staying in one position for a minimum of three minutes which takes disciplined, focused attention in a meditative state. I experienced the healing energy was  not as powerful or even hardly felt as that of a practitioner who is completely focused on being a "hollow tube" for the universal reiki healing loving energy to flow through them hands-on.
Reiki is intended for transmitting the Universal Love, God energy for healing.Hands are to be placed gently, but firmly on the body except for the root and heart chakras and places of open wounds and serious injury, spams or as per clients' request not to do hands on.

Therapeutic Touch on the other hand is doing the work a few inches above the body. Reiki is hands-on. With exception, I have experienced equally powerful healing hands-off. with those very few who are well on their way in their spiritual/healing development .

I suggest and agree with my reiki master that if the practitioner does receive intuitive messages during the treatment, they keep that separate from the reiki treatment to experience the full benefit of the healing and keep the intention clear for all parties involved.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Upcoming Art Exhibit at grande music festival

I will be showcasing my artwork August 31st with the Third Annual Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, at Christie  Lake Conservation Park Dundas, Ontario

Amongst other great musicians e.g. Emmy Lou Harris and Daniel Lanois, Neil Young will give a full performance with Crazy Horse. For previews and ticket sales follow the link:

This will be an amazing event growing substantially every year.

Come visit me at my booth Art FX creative perspectives for personal growth.
I will be happy to speak with you.