Saturday, September 8, 2012




Reiki Share  Every First Friday of the month 7pm. Cost: $9.00 per person.
Join us for these evenings of practice development class for those who have a reiki certificate, as well as those who would like to experience a mini treatment as an introduction to Reiki .
Bring your own portable massage table if you have one, blankets and pillows. Also, bring a pair of extra clean socks and a bottle of water to drink. 

Level One Reiki Certification. Date: contact Rinske for dates.
 11am-6pm Cost: $189.00 plus $9 for the manual.
This level one certification will explore the history of reiki, its benefits and uses as well as providing an attunement to activate your own healing energies. There will be time for practice and discussion.  (Please bring your own lunch and we appreciate your adhereing to our policies by  refraining from bringing any meat products to the studio or on the premises.)

Level Two Reiki Certification 
Date: Two consecutive Sundays  11am - 6pm Contact Rinske for dates. Cost $289.00 plus  $9 for manual. 
In this level you will learn how to send the reiki energy for distance healing. The attunement will include the symbols needed to perform this task. Again there will be time alloted for practice and discussion.
 (Please bring your own lunches for these days.We appreciate your adhereing to our policies by  refraining from bringing any meat products to the studio or on the premises.)

Level Three, Master Practitioner Certification
Date: Two consecutive dates by appointment. $389plus $9 for training manual

Reiki Training for children age 5-12 Date: 11am-4pm. Cost:$60 Contact Rinske for dates.
In this class children will learn in a playfull way about energies in themselves and their environment. This is especially very beneficial for indigo and crystal children. Learn to protect themselfves, about boundaries and how to merge in their environment in a safe way while using all their talents. We will have have small breaks and a half hour lunch break. Please bring your own lunch.
This class  can be split in two 21/2 hour sessions depending on the attention span and the age of the children.

Reiki for parent and child: Cost: $200 for 1 parent and 1 child. By appointment
After this course the parent may take level 1 Reiki course (with CRA certificate) at no extra charge at a later date. Please inquire about the cost of another child/sibling attending this course

I am  available for personal sessions at the studio. $ 82 hr; $121. for 90 minutes
To book an appointment and for registration for one of the courses email 
Call  905-664-6419