Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reiki healing

I love to give Reiki healing energy to people, animals and plants and even buildings.
You can send Reiki to anything, anyone. With Usui Reiki level II you will have received attunement to Reiki energy and symbols that enhance the power of the energy transmitted so to speak. The practitioner is only the vehicle, the channel through which the healing energy flows and makes its way to where it is requested or better yet, it finds its way to where it is needed. With level II you can send Reiki over a distance, even across the ocean to the other side of the world!
And believe me, it works. I have done it,and I have received it.
It is true, one person can be a more effective channel than another. I love it when people get up from the treatment table and say:" It's gone,( i.e. the discomfort, the stress, or even serious back pain) I am fine! Thank you".
I send Reiki to the studio before doing an art therapy session. It seems to help the work. At the very least, it fills the space with good energy and prepares my mind and soul to give all my best intentions and attention to the work.

Try a Reiki treatment, and perhaps even try a course level1, you will see what I mean, perhaps.

Best of luck