Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beams of Light

As of today, I offer Reiki and artistic therapy also from  BEAMS OF LIGHT a yoga studio and healing center in Winona, Ontario. You can find us at www.beamsoflight.ca
I offer reiki training for adults, youth and children. There will be  monthly reiki shares every first Friday of the month starting October 5th 7pm. Individual treatments by appointments. Workshops will be announced here as well as on the website of Beams of Light.
Artistic therapy for individuals as well as groups available by appointment.
For registration, please contact myself at art_fx@ bell.net


  1. I believe Rinske has a gift to share with others. Her healing hands and heart make her an exceptional transmitter for Reiki energy. My experience during a short session created amazing results from a long held tension in my shouders. I could feel the warmth moving to the spot and since have felt a significant decrease of discomfort in my left shoulder. I do not believe this was coincidental, rather a genuine egoless effort by Rinske to realign my body, mind and spirit. Thanks Rinske for sharing and caring.

    Peace, bliss and blessings,

  2. I recently suffered a painful bruised tendon on my foot and had a session with Rinske. I went from being on strong pain medication (doctor prescribed) to no pain whatsoever. As someone who has never had Reiki done before, I am a firm believer and will absolutely recommend Rinske to anyone who suffers from ailment.