Sunday, July 10, 2011

art therapy, reiki and drumming

Intention is the most vital part of Reiki.

While I strike my hand drum or beat my djembe, I hold the intention for the client to find his/her own rhythm on the drum. I 'hold the space' for them so to speak. Once they have gotten into their 'groove', I explore if it is the right time to silence my drum while holding the original intention. If it is beneficial that I strike my drum again to continue to hold the intention I may do that, provided of course I feel the approval of the 'partner'. When I sense that the client is waiting/hoping for me to join I will also immediately do that and thus we get a "conversation' going.

Thus we come to the perfect essence of improvisation!

From this activity we can bring our feelings into painting or clay modelling.

I recently did this with a young man on the autism spectrum, with quite stunning results such as speaking a full sentence, making sounds during his drumming. Beaming smiles and energized happy body language.

We will continue further in this exploration of communication.
Try it, everyone and everything has rhythm!

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